What if you can achieve top performance Effortlessly?

I have helped thousands reach their potential.  With my special Inner Potential guide, you can tap into what you never knew you had. 


Most people only perform at their 33% capacity.


Imagine improving Immediately with the Zen Life approach.


Tap into your Inner Potential can be Easy! Are you ready?

Happy thoughts from our Inner Potential clients

Let me be the first to tell you that I have tried almost all high performance courses out there. And, every time I have failed. Well, Inner Potential was a totally different way of seeing things. And, I am now in the second stage of my Simplicity training and have not failed so far. My aurora might not be as clear as others, but I will get there with Inner Potential - mark my words!


What can I say? I was once a person with no meaning in life. My life was empty and I felt like a loser. A close friend of mine gave me a link to Inner Potential and my life is suddenly a life with a purpose. I have never felt this way before and I recommend it to all people I meet on my path to becoming 100% Zen.


A bright light in the shape of Inner Potential Coaching changed me as a whole. I have had success in my past life, but now I know it was the wrong kind of success. Right now, I am able to levitate 11 inches and I plan to reach 20 inches before the new year.


The Inner Potential e-book

With my coaching program, you will receive my famous e-book with 300+ pages of Inner Potential information.

Guided Meditation

The absolute best of Inner Potential Guided Meditations gathered over the years to help you maximize Life.

One on One Coaching

Our weekly phone sessions will free you from obstacles and move forward with focus and speed!

Inner Potential, the course that actually works

There are many performance courses out there, but not all are very effective. We have developed simple strategies that can minimize efforts and maximize your Inner Potential.  Compare these courses to our own Inner Potential course and the numbers speak for them selves. 100% Effective.  100% Guaranteed.

Church of Achievement
Minimal Manor
To the Future
Achieving through Zen
Balanced Life

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Amanda Seger, Certified Life Coach

Once a driven Corporate Executive, Amanda worked 24/7 to achieve what she thought was the ultimate "American Dream".  She earned a 6- figure salary with healthy bonuses.  What she also got, and didn't ask for, was multiple sclerosis.  She quickly realized that stress wasn't just damaging her body but slowly killing her Soul.  Amanda quit her job that same day.  With years of healing and self examination, she developed a bullet proof Inner Potential Guide that has helped thousands.  Amanda is an Author, Speaker and a passionate Advocate for achieving top performance through the Minimalist Lifestlye.